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Artist Talk with Jeremy McKane, Ashley Baxter & Markus Reymann

  • LEVEL Gallery 2722 Logan Street Dallas, TX, 75215 United States (map)

Talk with McKane & Baxter 7pm - 8pm : 
McKane's work that is being shown at LEVEL Gallery called FOUND is a project that is part of LUCiD. It all started when McKane and his model Ashley Baxter were filming on Kamilo Beach, The most polluted beach in America. Baxter and McKane had the idea to research where each identifiable piece came from. The idea was that if we knew that the responsibility was always handed off with lack of accountability perhaps people would think different about ocean trash. Kamilo which is the closest landmass to the Great Pacific Garbage Patch provides insight of the types of things one would see floating out to sea. From this one initial visit, items were recovered from: Peru, Colombia, Mexico, Japan, China and Mainland United States. Showing that we are all connected on what Captain Paul Watson of the Sea Shepherd Calls: “Spaceship Earth”.

Talk with McKane & Reymann 8pm-9pm : 
In 2015, Markus Reymann launched The Current, a multiphase fellowship program on the oceans for which Markus Reymann took on the leadership position. The Current is a three-year exploratory fellowship program based in the Pacific. It aims to literally take creative practice out of the studio, to take science out of the lab and to take all participants out of their comfort zones. 

Contact Katherine Watson (, 972-489-7694) to coordinate interviews.


Dallas, TX 75215 


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