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Tramaine Townsend Show
Title: Terminus
Type: A Series of Portraits and installations
Medium: Photographic Prints, Video Projection

     Death is a topic that tends to be avoided. Perhaps the chilling fear of not knowing what comes next is the reason we avoid it? But what happens when we exchange that fear for curiosity?
Maybe the end becomes a mindful reflection of life and a welcoming of indescribable euphoria after death.
Still, we find ways to redefine our mortality, shifting us closer to immortality — if not by a physiological attempt to stay forever young, then through the work we leave behind, the stories
we tell, the footprints we scatter for someone else to discover.
What happens when we let go of ourselves with grace and fearlessness?         Embracing death not as an end. Rather, a beginning.
     Terminus features 12 enchanting portraits of familiar strangers. Capturing a glimpse of what their fears, curiosities and excitements are moments before their world comes to an end.
These portraits will instigate an internal dialogue for the viewer to discover and relish in their greatest aversions and unsung pleasures, before it’s too late.


Dallas, TX 75215 


By appointment only