Level Artist Jeremy McKane to Exhibit at Artprize 2016

Level Gallery is pleased to announce that represented artist Jeremy McKane has been invited to exhibit at ArtPrize 2016, taking place September 21 – October 9 in Grand Rapids. McKane will exhibit his most ambitious project to date - a comprehensive installation including the LUCID project, Found sculptures and photographs that premiered at Level Gallery this spring, and new photographs and video work. McKane is one of the few projection artists exhibiting at in the festival this year. McKane’s installation at ArtPrize will debut the LUCID project’s new representation (To be announced soon.)  

About ArtPrize: For 19 days in the early fall, around 400,000 attendees descend upon three square miles of downtown Grand Rapids, Michigan where anyone can find a voice in the conversation about what is art and why it matters. It is the largest art gathering in the world. Art from around the world pops up in every inch of downtown in over 160 venues—museums, galleries, bars, restaurants, theaters, hotels, public parks, lobbies, buildings, walls, bridges, laundromats, and auto body shops—and it’s all free and open to the public. It’s unorthodox, highly disruptive, and undeniably intriguing to the art world and the public alike.  


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